Meet the Intent team at your service

Our society is constantly changing and evolving. Be it new ways of working, an ageing population, modern lifestyles or the fight against climate change — the real estate sector must adapt to this new paradigm.

One solution to tackling these challenges is data. By collecting, organising and visualising the right data, we can bring a whole new dimension to the property industry. We want to help every stakeholder in the value chain to not just adapt to these changes, but to thrive. Our technology doesn’t replace humans but rather empowers them to deliver the very best service to their occupants.

Teams and duties

A front-end team to deliver an unrivalled visual experience and an intuitive interface.
A back-end team to offer a reliable and secure product.
A product team to ensure that our solutions cater to your needs and challenges.
A team to manage your project and provide support as you onboard Intent.
A team to connect and manage your ecosystem with your business applications.
A team to help and answer your questions.
A team to analyse and assess your needs.
A team to design and tailor the project to your business.
A team to provide lifetime support for our products.
A team to listen to your needs and adapt packages accordingly.
A team to support you in your digital transformation project.
A team to ensure you have the best possible data management experience.
A team to handle Human Resources.
A team to deal with invoicing, contracts and accounting.
A Happiness team to make sure Intenters are always happy and satisfied.
illustration de l'équipe